If you’re like me, which there is a good chance you are since you are on this site, you love wine and everything about it. In fact, many may consider you a wine geek. That’s okay, though, because we are a unique breed of people that enjoy the fine things in life. We appreciate the finer things in life and like to share them with others. Occasionally, though, we may find our view of the world being skewed by our love and appreciation for all things about wine. It is well-known that many wine enthusiasts plan their vacations around wine regions. It is also rather common for wine enthusiasts to spend their time reading books about the history of wine. There are occasions, though, where we may take things a little farther. For the true enthusiast, many may see these things as silly. Regardless, below are seven things you may find yourself doing if you are truly a wine geek. Brought to you by our sponsors at junk removal in Smyrna!


  1. If you are a true wine geek, you likely choose the wine from the dinner menu before you decide what food you want to eat with it. In fact, you are a lot more prone to judge the restaurant by their wine list than their food list. You find yourself staring at the wine menu long before you even consider the food.
  2. When someone asks you about your favorite restaurant, you make suggestions based on the wines they serve.
  3. When you are a wine geek, he began drinking everything from a wine glass. It doesn’t matter if you are drinking a couple water or a cup of coffee, the one glass has to be used.
  4. Wine geeks value items based on bottles of wine. For instance, if you need your car repaired, it could cost as little as two cases of wine or as much as 20 cases of wine.
  5. You see insults in a new light. If someone calls you thin-skinned, you may see it as a good thing since many of your favorite grapes carry the same characteristic.
  6. Aging takes on a whole new meaning when you are a wine geek. Just like wine, the older you are the better.
  7. And you are probably a wine geek if everything you say revolves around wine. For instance, you may find yourself calling a red shirt a fine medium with the intensity of Ruby to Garnet.

Yep, you find yourself being a wine geek, join the crowd. Some may say this is a little bit overboard, but I say it just shows our sense of appreciation for the finer things in life.