I have known many people that avoid drinking red wine because of how it stains their teeth. Many people are interested in keeping their appearance up with their pearly whites. Below are a few tips to help you enjoy red wine and keep your teeth from staining.

My favorite tip is to drink sparkling water. You never want to let your mouth dry out since saliva helps protect your teeth from the purple stains. The more saliva you have, the better it is. When you drink sparkling water, it helps to rents the purple from the wine off your teeth. It doesn’t remove it all, but it reduces the effect. It can also help to scrub the wine stains off before they can set in. Brought to you by my movers Pflugerville!

Another idea is to stay away from white wine. The white wine is used like a primer to prepare the teeth for the red wine to stain them. White wines that are more acidic cause more damage to your teeth. In fact, it can erode the tooth enamel which strips the protective coat off your teeth, allowing the pigmentation from the red wine to stick to them better.

You should always brush your teeth before you drink red wine since the red wine likes to stick to the plaque. Brush your teeth about an hour before drinking red wine to help protect them.

When you eat foods that are high in fiber, they help remove the red wine stains. It’s almost like brushing your teeth. When you eat high-fiber foods and drink sparkling water, you get the maximum effect.

Speaking of foods, try eating more cheese. This will help to build calcium on your teeth. The harder the cheese, the more calcium it has in the better it is for your teeth. Hard cheeses help to polish and fill the micro pores in your teeth and make them more stain resistant as well.

Now that you have these tricks in your toolbox, you no longer have to choose between red wine and clean teeth.